Dry Herbs And Liquid Evod Rechargeable E-Cigarette With Free E-liquid


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Dry herbs and Liquid Evod Rechargeable E-Cigarette with free e-liquid

How Does 2-in-1 Shisha Rechargeable E-cigarette For Liquid And Dry Herb Work, It Heats Up The Substance In A Way That It Turns It Into Vapor. It Will Vaporize The Active Plant Compounds Off Of The Fibrous Plant Material. HOW TO USE: To Unlock/lock The Device, Press The Power Button Five Times Until The Light Glows, Attach Your Desire Atomizer (for Dry Herb Or Liquid) Unscrew The Mouthpiece To Expose The Heating Element, Load Your Desired Amount Of Preferred Dry Herbal Material Or Provided Liquid And Reattached Tip (don't Press Or Overload), Press The Power Button And Hold So That The Coil Heats Up And Burn The Substance. For Dry Herb Atomizer, Press The Power Button And Hold For 4-7 Seconds So That The Coil Heats Up And Burn The Herb/eskay Kit Contents: • 1 X Rechargeable Evod Battery • 1 X Wired USB Charger • 1 X 10ml E-liquid • 1 X Dry Herb Atomizer • 1X Liquid Atomizer


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